Altofts and Normanton Brass Band

About us

The Altofts and Normanton Brass Band was founded in the 1880's by a small group of mine workers at the local , privately owned, colliery Pope and Pearson where it used the First Aid Room for it's band practice sessions.


 In 1890 the band was formally registered with the Friendly Society and changed it's name to "The West Riding and Silkstone Band". It was not long before the band became well known throughout the district and it's membership continued to increase.


 Sponsorship was secured in 1936, the then Sir H. Middlebrook and Viscount Halifax each donating the grand sum of £1.00 per year towards band funds, which in those days was much needed and appreciated.


 Due to an amalgamation of the local privately owned collieries the band then continued as "The Altofts and Whitwood Collieries Band" and became part of the coal industry's Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO).









  In 1953 the band sought financial assistance from CISWO towards the cost of new instruments and, on the 1st May that year, Messer R.R.Kitchens of Leeds supplied instruments to the sum of £1488.15.3d which arrived on the 20th of June 1954. Many of these instruments are still used to this day for tuition purposes.


 The band has been known by several names in it's history but after an arrangement with the Lee Brigg WMC came to an end the words "Lee Brigg" were dropped from it's name and the band is now Known as "The Altofts and Normanton Brass Band".


 In 1998 the band was granted the princely sum of £45,453 by the National Lottery for new instruments. Supplementary funds were also raised and new uniforms purchased.


 Over the most recent years the band have performed for several charitable causes (including Age Concern, Cancer Research UK and, more locally, The Alice Bacon Trust) raising over £3000, to date, with more charity events organised for the coming year. This is the band's contribution back to the community.


We are a social, non-contesting band who meet on Wednesday and Sunday evenings in the St.Mary Magdalene church hall, Altofts.

 If you would like to join us or learn how to play please do come along!